About Us

A Professional Engineering Fraternity Dedicated To Strengthening Individuals.

Our Chapter

Founded on April 30, 1994, the Omega Beta Chapter of Theta Tau at Hofstra University has devoted itself to strengthening its members through brotherhood.

Theta Tau is the oldest and largest engineering fraternity in the country. It is open to all engineering and computer science related majors. We strive to develop each brother professionally to become engineering leaders. Our foundation is based upon our 3 pillars: Service. Profession. Brotherhood.

Within our chapter, the fraternity engages in professional activity through on and off-campus group participation, community, engineering, and fraternity affairs. This also promotes long lasting friendships - a lifetime of brotherhood in an engineering environment!

Whether you're a visitor, parent, student, or alumnus, we hope you will take time to explore our website. Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you!

Membership Perks

A network of connections to active alumni.

Through our alumni relations, we give members access to a broader network that may be relative to their field of study.

Resume review by the active brothers.

In our New Member Process, we help individuals work on their resume so it is in top notch, ready for internships or post graduation!

Access to like-minded individuals within area of study.

Since all our members are either engineers or computer scientists, individuals get to know other like minded students within their major.

Community service oppportunities on and off campus.

Within Greek life, many opportunities arise for community service, which in turn helps the individual grow.

Get comfortable with networking skills.

In our New Member Process, we help individuals develop their networking skills by having them create an elevator pitch and have them practice .

Friendships that'll last you a lifetime.

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Why Choose Us?

Through our new member process, we not only teach the individuals about the history of the fraternity, but we teach them about themselves and how they can grow as a person. With the proper guidance, an individual can rise to be the best version of themselves as a professional.

Our Executive Board

Meet the team that runs our chapter!

From left to right, we have our Regent, Vice Regent, Treasurer, Scribe, Corresponding Secretary, and New Member Educator.

Joanne Peragine


The regent oversees all activities and meetings and represents the fraternity at Greek life events.

Francesca Cardenas

Vice Regent

The vice regent assists the president and helps coordinate activities and assist brothers.

Renato Rodrigues


The treasurer collects member dues, keeps financial records and oversees spending budgets.

Youssef Elmougy


The scribe is responsible for keeping chapter records, including minutes of meetings and records of all members.

Yulisa Frias

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary will stay in contact with other chapters and will oversee all alumni relations.

Noah Green

New Member Educator

The New Member Educator will supply the necessary induction and education to candidates that are fit.